Survey Information

Prepare your Vessel for Survey

The following suggestions will help us to give you a thorough and detailed yacht or boat survey:

Remember we are acting in your interests and for your safety, tell us about any known defects or areas of concern as we may be able to suggest solutions.

The vessel should be out of the water for four or five days, depending on temperature and humidity, for meaningful moisture readings to be taken. However, lift and hold inspection "in the slings" may be sufficient.

Always have the hull pressure washed when it is lifted, but please leave the application of new antifouling until after the survey as a scraper is used to remove small areas of old paint from sample areas of the hull to inspect the underlying structure. If in doubt ask the surveyor

A flat bottomed boat like a narrowboat needs to be at least 500mm off the ground to enable a meaningful inspection of the base plate.

On most craft the interior of the hull is mainly visible in the bilge and inside lockers. Please remove as much personal gear as possible such as bedding, tools paint pots etc, and leave bilges and engine rooms clean and clear of water.

Leave the owners manual on the boat for the surveyor. This should include receipts for any major works that have been carried out.

Make sure keys for access to the vessel and all lockers are available to the surveyor, along with any paperwork pertaining to the boat. 

By all means come down to open the boat and say hello, but please don’t stay all day.
Do not buy the boat until you have read the report and fully understand it. 3 – 5 days after the survey. We always welcome a chat with clients after the report has been sent out.

Survey Information

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