Cruiser Pre Purchase Surveys

If you’re buying a cruiser, you can avoid costly mistakes by having a survey and carry out a pre-purchase survey!

You may think you've found your ideal craft, whether new or second hand, but some things can go unseen!

A cruiser is not a small purchase, so if you are buying one you need to ensure it’s shipshape before you pay. Cruisers are InIliable to deterioration and damage caused by sun, sea, and salt, not to mention the wear and tear that can result from arduous sailing - or accidents.

In most cases, the only way to check the cruiser's condition fully before you buy is to have a Pre Purchase Survey done. The results will often determine whether you should go ahead with the purchase, renegotiate, or back out altogether!

We can inspect all aspects of the craft and report on them for you. Sea or River trials are often carried out to confirm the condition of the engineering. Our aim is to give you the best impression possible of the vessel you are buying.

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